Thank Goodness it’s Wednesday!

Abbey Hill Academy showcases its cultural enrichment curriculum each Wednesday afternoon (TGIW).

Sessions allow students to take part in a diverse range of activities with the aim of providing new experiences and promoting personal health and wellbeing. These activities are led by our fantastic team of teaching assistants who are able to display their many hidden talents, inspiring students to learn new skills and giving them the opportunity to excel and thrive outside of the usual classroom setting.

These activities include:




Led by Adrian Harding, a first dan black belt. Students wear a judo gi and are taught skills to complete judo grading’s. We are so proud that a number of students have graded up to a yellow belt within the last year!


Led by Gemma Thompson for ‘We Can Dance’. Last year, all students achieved the British Association of Teachers of Dancing, Certificate of Performance Level 1

Personal Presentation

Abbey Hill Salon

Learning how to take care of personal presentation, including skin care, hair care and styling, nail art and massage in our very own salon

Making the most of leisure time

Including walking and cycling. Students use our new balance bikes until they are proficient and are ready to use a bicycle


Billingham Forum

A number of students have recently achieved 5m, 10m and 25m certificates. As well as improving their confidence, swimming enables them to build endurance, muscular strength and cardio fitness


Billingham Forum

Improving balance and coordination and offering great exercise as an aerobic workout

Play Factory


Enabling our young people to socialise with others and develop their creativity and imagination through play as well as dexterity and physical strength

Football coaching Middlesbrough Sportsability

Providing students with the opportunity to develop their skills as well as improve their fitness.

Hospitality Abbey Hill Bistro

Preparing food, serving customers and managing money

Arts and Crafts

A wide range of arts and craft activities focusing on fine motor skills development and creativity

DIY and ‘School Improvements’

Led by our fantastic Design Technology expert, Geoff Hunter. Students learn how to paint, fix and build by completing challenges to improve our school environment.

Lego therapy

Students are challenged to follow instructions, communicate and build using creativity and imagination

Animal care

Students help to care for the school guinea pigs and chickens as well as visiting local animal charities, shops and attractions incorporating meaningful encounters with potential employers

Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy

Providing students with the opportunity to get involved in therapeutic exercise to improve strength, range of motion and endurance and to support/correct postural and muscle imbalance.

Relaxation and mindfulness

Proven to improve well-being and focus.

Sensory based activity

Supporting language development, cognitive growth, motor skills, problem solving and social interaction

Students change options on a half-termly basis unless they are pursuing qualifications in dance or judo, where they will continue the option throughout the academic year.

94% of student’s are currently taking part in their first choice option.

If you have any questions related to our cultural enrichment curriculum offer, speak to your child’s tutor or contact our enrichment coordinator, Adam Gascoigne.


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