How could occupational therapy help support your child?

Helping students feel happy at school and access learning to the best of their ability is very important to us

Occupational therapy helps a child, young person and their carers manage or cope with a difficulty or disability. The aim is to improve function or participation in activities that affect self-care skills, school and play.

The occupational therapist works with students that have a range of difficulties.  Abbey Hill Academy places great importance on helping students that have difficulties with sensory processing (or sensory integration).  Sensory processing is the way that the body uses information from the senses.   The brain receives and processes sensory information so that we can do the things in everyday life, such as getting dressed, eating, socialising and learning. 

 The occupational therapist works with students, parents/carers and staff to:

  •  increase understanding of a student’s needs e.g. physical skills, emotions, behaviours, sensory processing.
  • recommend adaptations to activities or the classroom to help a student achieve success.
  • provide a programme of activities to improve function.
  • increase self-regulation, i.e. cope with their emotions or cope in different situations.
  • advise on sensory activities.

The occupational therapist has produced guides that include a wide range of activities we can use to support students with these issues. These are available through request to the email address below.

The occupational therapist has produced guides specifically for parents and carers.  These guides are available through request to the email address below.

If you need advice and support related to occupational therapy or sensory processing difficulties, speak to your child’s tutor or contact our occupational therapist, Amanda Hunter.


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